About Farsak

Farsak LLC is a Michigan based engineering company providing solutions and services in Model Based System Design (MBSD), Model based System/Safety Engineering (MBSE), and Software Engineering. Farsak hires project specific, leading domain experts from the industry. Our primary focus is MBD and MBSE but we also provide services and solutions in Information Technology (IT) including Visual Analytics, App development, Graphic Design and E-Commerce.

Our Vision

To be a leader in Model Based Design, System, Safety and Software Engineering for industries such as Oil & Gas and Healthcare.

Who We are?

Farsak provides highly effective and expert engineering professionals to deliver long-term, on or off-site project and consulting services, enabling our clients to execute their projects more affordably and produce higher-quality systems.

  1. We are a single point contact for all solutions related to MBD, MBSE and Software Engineering.
  2. We provide services tailored to our client’s needs.
  3. We are committed to our customer’s success.

Why Choose Us?

Farsak helps clients zero in on high-impact enterprise development by working directly with development teams to turn them into highly competitive performers in a climate of rapid change. Moreover, we help our customers to mitigate risk, uncertainty and cost by increasing fidelity and the quality of models through our system engineering approach.

Our approach:

  • Tailored Solutions – Customer specific processes, model and/or tool development
  • Business savvy - – Industry specific design, evaluation and analysis
  • Experienced - Utilize seasoned domain expert professionals or third parties
  • Comprehensive project management – Manage all aspects of projects on time & in budget
  • One Stop Shop – Fulfil all customer needs regarding model based and data driven solutions.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee