Model Based System Design

Model based Designs (MBD) for dynamic, complex systems are one of Farsak’s core competencies. Our approach involves system modeling, system analysis, control tuning, system and control simulation, experimental validation, and finally control deployment. Our capabilities include:

  1. Build, Modify & Update Plant Models
  2. Support Control development, Optimization & Calibration
  3. Construct prototype, conduct & collect data
  4. Perform analytical analysis
Model Based System Design

System / Plant Modeling

Farsak provide solutions and builds physics-math based models for complex systems through both functional and structural modeling topologies. For ease in the development process or to better understand the dynamics of the system we take functional modeling topologies into consideration such as the Bond Graph (BG), Power Oriented Graph (POG), Energetic Macroscopic Representation (EMR), etc.

For structural modeling, we work with our clients to update their existing in-house or commercial license based modeling libraries (from Mathwork’s or Dymola). Our capabilities include:

  1. Management of complex embedded systems
  2. Visualization of the design, for improved design communication between teams
  3. Simulation of the design allowing for immediate troubleshooting
  4. Problem recognition earlier in the development cycle

Control Development

Farsak provide solutions and builds control structures or energy management strategy (EMS) for any complex dynamic system. For control development our main focus is to simplify the control structure at both a system and sub-system level. Our approach involves:

  1. Rapid prototyping and concept validation
  2. Improved traceability and maintainability between the requirements, design and code
  3. Increased ability in analyzing root-cause analysis
  4. Implementing different control strategies to evaluate
  5. Easy to define library blocks to promote reuse and design consistency
  6. Auto code generation to generate software directly
  7. Advanced, unified development platforms including (MIL, SIL, PIL and HIL)

Control Design