Model Based System Engineering

Farsak provides engineering solutions to help industries develop and improve model based approach strategies. We also build and enhance your system’s engineering capabilities through a tailored service - positioning your organization to achieve greater success. We work with clients to achieve:

  1. Systems Thinking
  2. Architecture Driven Design
  3. System Life Cycle Development (includes System Analysis, Design, Integration and Testing)
  4. V & V (includes functional and non-functional requirements with traceability)
  5. End-to-end traceability (such as requirements to architecture, to analysis to tests)

Model Based Safety Engineering (MBSE)

Our main focus is to apply a model based engineering approach to the field of Safety Engineering. We provide data driven solutions for system development & refinement with model integration. Tying the system architecture closely to the safety analysis through our model-based approach, Farsak enables evaluation of Fault mitigation strategies and generation of safety requirements. To achieve ISO & other regulatory compliances, we perform multiple safety analysis such as:

  1. Hazard Assessment by Risk Analysis (HARA)
  2. Failures Modes, Effects & Diagnostic Analysis (FMEDA)
  3. Failures Modes, Effects & Criticality Analysis (FMECA)
  4. Systems Theoretic Process Analysis (STPA)
  5. Fault Tree Analysis (FTA)