Farsak specializes in developing open source standalone tools and/or libraries for advanced modeling, simulation, data analysis and visualization. Our extensive technical expertise and unique experience with advanced technologies helps our clients accurately characterize the behavior and performance of their systems. Farsak can help you to:

  1. Develop a thorough understanding of the system including dynamic aspects
  2. Improve communication and system understanding across departments
  3. Predict how planned system modifications will effect operations
  4. Determine the preeminent concept for proposed system
  5. Forecast how capacity or product mix changes will impact operations
  6. Document system in terms of process function, data parameters and process flow
  7. Simulate models to accurately represent your current/proposed operations
  8. Develop a user friendly interface or GUI’s to enable users to test various scenarios

Farsak mostly utilizes MathWorks® simulation environments (such as Matlab, Simulink, Simdriveline, Simscape, etc.) to develop models & control structures and/or custom libraries. We also have the capability to work in other environments such as MathCAD, Dymola, AMESIM, etc.